Delight yourself in the very finest scents from masterful perfumers thanks to our luxurious offering. Capturing scents from precious Oudh Powder, Unique Amber and Signature Essential Oils, this tempting array overflows with perfect pick ups and ideal gifts. Whether you’ve a weakness for Patchouli or a penchant for Musk, allow yourself to indulge in experiencing the ultimate luxury Bakhoor, Dhukhoon and Perfumes.

Creating a Higher Standard in Fragrance


All plants and essential oils used in our Incenses come from far east to far west. We make sure all materials used in our Incenses are of highest quality and of the highest standards.


With decades of experience  we have innovated new methods of fermentation and new formulas that are a hallmark in the fragrance industry. A single precious drop of scent takes months to prepare.


Before reaching the bottles, each batch is tested by our team of master perfumers to make sure they hold true to the high standards of heavenly scents and long lasting fragrances that you deserve.

You are the centre of what we do

I'm a massive fragrance fan I think fragrance is part of someone's personality and I'm a big believer in leaving an impression through scent of smell, follow Al Mesk Al Arabi for unique arabic perfumes& oudh. Thank you Al Mesk Al Arabi.

Mrs Juma Dalmook Al Maktoum

Our store

Jumeirah Beach Centre

ground floor

Shop No : 09

Jumeirah, Dubai


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