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Welcome to Al Mesk Al Arabi, your stop for luxury Incenses (Bakhoor, Dhukhoon),Perfume and Corporate Gift Sets. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of Incenses and Fragrances, with a focus on Ethics, Innovation and Excellence.

Started in 2000 by Mrs Alia Rashed Majed Thani, Al Mesk Al Arabi has come a long way from its beginnings in Dubai. When Mrs Alia Rashed Majed Thani first started out, her passion and love for Incenses and Fragrances drove her to develop her own scents for her friends and family. With her experience she found that a lot of improvements can be made to incense by using ethical material and better alchemy methods. She developed new incenses and fragrances with a new approach and with ethical and organic materials. She realised that people's passion for scents were deprived of pure organic scents and choose to share with them her knowledge and secracy of perfume alchemy. The response of her innovation was so overwhelming that it gave her the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into a business. We now cater customers all over the GCC, and take pride in being a part of Research and Development and Manufacturing wing of the Fragrance industry.

Mohammad Tanveer


Strive for excellence, and become the most loved incense company in the world.


To be at the forefront of innovation and invent the highest quality Incenses and fragrances, to be very customer-centric and to provide excellent services to our customers.